Another Introduction + a Poem

In addition to posting AP Language required blog posts, I will be posting poems. 🙂 I hope you enjoy them, friends.

PS: AP Language classmates (+ Ms. Magnuson, of course), feel free to leave constructive feedback and thoughts on these poems, if you would like. 🙂 I would seriously appreciate it.

PPS: Others reading this blog, you can leave feedback too, if you want. 🙂

{my burden}

are my burden

I carry them
in my smiles

they shine
through the cracked
remnants of my heart

words tumble
out of sadness
that overcomes

I cannot catch
the words I need

they are too witty
too wonderful

they sit
in plain sight
waiting for me
to pick them up
examine their depths

but as I look
I promise
they disappear
(when I come back later
they are patiently
waiting still)

they are too big
my hand
can’t write for fear
of dropping them

and all the while
words are weight
on my shoulders
in my arms
slipping through
my outstretched fingers

they are
a tightly wrapped bundle
that never fails
to amaze us
to widen our eyes
in surprise

and this:
while you put your words to use
the weight never lightens
it will always
be the
comforting force
it was
when you started

a miracle


2 thoughts on “Another Introduction + a Poem

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