help us to clean up our mess

you gave us
a spinning spiraling ball
of green continents
of blue oceans

and what we have done

is unspeakable
I fear to voice the words
for in writing them
reading them
we are acknowledging the hurt
we have inflicted
on this life-giving gift

we have trampled the grass
not letting it grow back
as the zebras do

we have chopped the trees
not watering with love
the ones that are left
(they do give us oxygen, you know)

we have pumped gray smog
into the angry clouds
so that we can no longer
distinguish storm clouds
from storming factories

we have built incessantly
covering the foundations
of rich red soil

worst of all

we have deemed other beings
you gazelle, only a mammal
you ant, only a bug
you ape, not as smart



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