Laughing and Discovering a Loud Life

{how to live}

Live a loud life

Too many people
Have the misfortune
Of living
A quietly brooding

Live a loud life

Shake up
The ideals
That people have built
Around themselves

Live a loud life

At almost

Live a loud life

Be at peace
With the mess
That is yours

Live a loud life

I live a loud life in almost every literal sense of the word. Those reading who know me personally, are heartily agreeing. Those that do not know me personally – which I, being new to the blog world, still find the teensiest bit frightening –  will just have to take my word for it.

I have always been a loud child, from the moment I was born in a Virginia hospital room on a summer morning. Now, as a 16 year old, my dad still hushes me, when I laugh a little too loud or raise my voice when I am excited. As I have gotten older, I have gained some self control – to shouts of thanks from the aforementioned parents. I now know when making noise is good – or maybe just acceptable – and when it is not. So, while I do a lot of things with the volume turned all the way up, I am still trying to learn how to live a loud ‘life’, like I wrote about in the poem above.

I do not know if I have quite learned the art of being honest enough to heal. I do not know if I have mastered the skill of speaking up when it is most needed, not when I want to.

I want to learn to attack the truth, with all my strength. Then, I want to tell everyone about it. I want to advertise truth until it is the expected behavior.

I want to explore myself, my own thoughts, my own being. When I find the core of ‘me’, I want to write a sign and stick it to my forehead. And when people ask me about it, I will tell them. All of it, as much as I can.

I want to find the good questions, the thoughtful ones, the fun ones, the important ones. When I find them, I want to ask as many people as will listen. Listen to their answers without enforcing my own.

I want to watch the world spin, with eyes dancing with tears and magic. I will take pictures with my eyes, process them in the dark room of my mind, print them as poems, read them to people.

I want to learn an honest, curious, significant, entranced life. I want to learn to live a loud life.


2 thoughts on “Laughing and Discovering a Loud Life

  1. Reid,
    I really like how you begin your post with an original poem pertaining to the topic you are discussing. It is eye-catching and an interesting introduction. Breaking down ‘loud life’ into two words and discussing how both parts of the word apply to you is a very great way of helping us understand what exactly you mean by living a “loud life”. The repetition of ‘I want’ at the beginning of your sentences towards the end of your post emphasize your goals in life and supply a ‘stream of consciousness’-esque feel to them; as a reader, I feel a more personal connection to you as it feels like you are divulging the secrets of your mind to me. Just be careful when proofreading to make sure you haven’t forgotten to write in any words, for example “process them in [the] dark room of my mind.”
    Wonderful job as ever 🙂 Keep up the great work!


  2. I love everything about this post — the imagery, the details, the message, the way the whole post (and not just the introductory poem) utilizes poetic devices. Convicting, challenging, beautiful. May we all learn to lead “loud” lives.

    One small note: I’m not quite sure of the meaning of this paragraph — “I want to learn to attack the truth, with all my strength. Then, I want to tell everyone about it. I want to advertise truth until it is the expected behavior.” The idea of attacking truth, or telling everyone about “it” (the truth, the learning to attack truth, the act of attacking truth?), or truth being an expected “behavior,” are images that rather confuse me. Not quite sure what to do with them/make of them.


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