The Joys of Advertising Yourself

Many of us believe, in our secret hearts, that we are super awesome and cool and caring and, “Geez, why doesn’t everyone want me for a job?” But when it comes to telling people that, it is not so easy to believe. Therefore, after researching a little about resumes, these are few of the tips I believe to be important.

  1. Be Specific. This is kind of a cop-out trick. When writing anything, one must be specific. The writer always, always wants to show the reader what they are talking about, instead of just throwing information in their face. That said, do not throw this clue out when typing resumes. You want to list specifically what you have done, where you have done it, why you have done it, what your feelings were about it, and when you have done it. If you do this, your potential employer doesn’t have to try to figure things out for themselves. You have shown them, not just told them.
  2. Make It Readable. You can make your resume readable by using a simple font (hint: Times New Roman, 12 pt.) and using a simple format (a.k.a. same bullet points throughout, same numbering, same heading). The real trick to readable is uncomplicated.
  3. Be Honest. This may be a controversial opinion, but I think being honest is helpful, in the end. If you have to twist a lot of facts about yourself and your accomplishments to make your resume sound good, you are probably not fit for the job. I know that is a hard truth, but I also know honesty is almost always the best policy. You may not get the job you want if you’re completely honest, but maybe you are also glad you didn’t get it.
  4. Be Concise. Employers receive a multitude of resumes everyday, all day. Therefore, they are most likely not interested in reading a long winded, superfluous resume. Do not feel as though adding unnecessary words makes you more convincing. The shorter, the easier to read, the more likely to be read, the better.

Writing resumes may not be fun, but if you do right, you may not have to write as many.


One thought on “The Joys of Advertising Yourself

  1. Reid,
    First of all well done. You were very clear in your post about what your topic was and gave information about that topic to the reader in a way that was concise, but also interesting. You didn’t jumble up your post with an abundance of thoughts and ideas which was beneficial as the topic of your post was supposed to inform your reader and not confuse them with an overload of information. The one thing I would say is that it would be nice if you expanded more. You covered all the bases, but I felt like you could have gone into depth on some things a bit more. You did a great job and I genuinely enjoyed reading this. 🙂


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