{13 August 2017}

I want to hit.
I want to hurt.
I want to give someone else my pain.

I want more power than I have.
I want power over others.

Because love is surrender.
And I don’t want to surrender.

I want to push and fight
and never let go.

— I know that you are somewhere, God.

I need you.
We need you.
Give us the strength
to surrender our power to love.

{26 April 2017}

Rosslyn Academy, Backstage, Annie, 1st Performance

Two boys sit backstage ― their backs against the wall while the first scene runs.
Both of them have on leg bent up near the chest, the other stretched out
on the black, worn floor, one’s just longer than the other’s.
Their feet point out from their bodies, almost touching, but not quite.
A sliver of light, red-white, falls on them, lighting up only part of their faces.
They sit facing the mostly dark room, still, and occasionally whispering.
Their shoulders touch just barely, from shoulder to halfway down the arm.

Do they long for the warmth of body to body?
Do they stay still, maintain touch?
Do they long as I long?

{8 August 2017}

Have you ever seen a dragonfly so big its shadow falls on the ground like a plane?
Have you ever stopped to wonder on the imagination of the delighted child
in an explorer that made them call this animal a mythical, magical creature?

Have you ever seen a homegrown tomato so red
you know it is the only true red?
Have you ever drowned so happily in the perfume of a homegrown tomato that
tears slip down your face as its flesh enters your body to begin a new life?

Tell me, have your eyes ever been opened?
Tell me, are your eyes open?